Rookie of the Year

by derek

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released March 17, 2015

Dylan Babineaux-Bass, Vocals
Jeremy Benoit-Drums, Vocals
David Crochet-Guitar, Vocals



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derek Lafayette, Louisiana

Rock n' roll trio from Lafayette, LA just jammin that's all, nothing more.

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Track Name: Doug O'Brian
I cannot believe
thought it over
tangled in my sheets
on my shoulder
talk until you sleep
then roll over
but I'm just trying to keep
my composure

I haven't got much else to say
I'm not that perfect anyway
I'm tired of all the games we play
this situation's all too strange

Now all of your anxiousness
leaves me a confused mess
neither of us deserves this
so why are we so selfish
Track Name: Home Movies
Back then when things were much more easy
we spent our time on trampolines
thinking not much else about it
we learned from what's on the tv

I saw my own two eyes get wider
I knew you'd act surprised, you liar
I saw your face grow red with anger
I knew you'd treat me like a stranger
Track Name: Homily
I'm the worst kind of person there is
I look exactly like you
stay and talk with us a while
sit where everyone can see you
all dressed in your sunday best
though everyone can see through
your lies, disguises

I'm what's wrong with the world today
cause I don't think just like you
so quick to get carried away
cause I don't do what I'm supposed to
don't try to feed me your advice
I could never swallow
your lies, disguises
Track Name: Meaningless Conversation
All my problems
stem from meaningless conversation
if I knew about it
I would think less deeper
Not until my mind
clears up will I heal
I've been reading
countless existential novels

someday I will finally close this for good
windows left open will make you wake up sick
I can't sit on your pane for much longer
even a crack will make me feel your breeze

and I'm not enough
to occupy your mind
and I'm smart enough
to know that you're not fine

I wanted love just not this kind
you left me way too far behind
Track Name: Chairs
Thanks for the talk
I wish I could've said more
all we wanted was the 14th floor
now all along
you wasted all our time
writing books for yourself
way beyond the coastline

I'm surprised
you're surprised
all you wanted were
silly love songs
had to know
shit wasn't fine
but I've already made up your mind